Professional and personal.
Meet our team.

Go-Cargo goes the extra mile every day, does as promised, and treats your shipment as though it were our own.

  • Our planners make every effort to make sure your goods are transported quickly, safely, and under your terms.
  • Our customer service ensures optimal communication and keeps you informed about the status of your transport at all times.

This is our crew, keeping things cool!

  • Picture of Mark Bakker

    Mark Bakker

    Owner / CEO

  • Picture of Ellen van Ingen

    Ellen van Ingen

    Operations Manager / QA

  • Picture of Rob van Rijn

    Rob van Rijn


  • Picture of Gabriel Cano

    Gabriel Cano


  • Picture of Bram Slaats

    Bram Slaats


  • Picture of Robin Coenders

    Robin Coenders

    Head of customer service

  • Picture of Ellen Dahmani

    Ellen Dahmani

    Customer service

  • Picture of Lisa Mwende

    Lisa Mwende

    Customer service

  • Picture of Simone van Aarssen

    Simone van Aarssen

    Customer service

  • Picture of Laurie Cremers

    Laurie Cremers

    Customer service

  • Picture of Melvin Saris

    Melvin Saris

    Customer service

  • Picture of Carolien Tijleman

    Carolien Tijleman

    Head of finance

  • Picture of Shiela Hoven

    Shiela Hoven


  • Picture of Sammie Bakker

    Sammie Bakker

    Head of security