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Go Cargo B.V. respects your privacy! Your personal data is therefore gathered and retained with the greatest of care. Go Cargo B.V. wants to assume responsibility for this process. Therefore, this statement is used to explain why we gather and retain your personal data, as well as its intended use.

Gathering and using personal data of clients, suppliers, and other contractors.

Go Cargo B.V. processes your personal data for the following reasons:
– To be able to contact you and provide you with requested information.

We would like to point out that we do gather and use the personal data you provide, because this is a necessary step in engaging and completing a potential contract. This applies to both (potential) clients and parties from whom we purchase items and/or services. If you are a (potential) client, then we use your data to send you a quote, to determine the specifications or requirements a certain item or service should comply with, to be able to supply items or perform services on your behalf, to be able to invoice our items or services, and to allow for smooth and efficient communications regarding the implementation of the contract. If you are a (potential) supplier or other contractor, then your personal data is also necessary to engage in and complete a contract. Purchases demand this data to be able to notify you of the specifications or requirements our requested items or services should comply with, to file for a quotation or place an order, to pay your invoices, and to allow for smooth and efficient communications regarding other aspects of the contract. You are not obligated to provide your personal data. However, failure to provide us with (sufficient) personal data may result in our inability to satisfactorily complete the aforementioned activities. If you are a business relation, then we use your data to be able to contact you regarding objectives in the interest of our mutual business. Examples are the discussion of possible collaborations, providing and obtaining information, and maintaining our network. You are not required to obligated to provide your personal data. However, failure to provide us with (sufficient) personal data may result in our inability to satisfactorily complete the aforementioned objectives. Your data is removed one year after the latest instance of contact.

Go Cargo B.V. does not sell your data to third parties, and only provides others with your data if we are required to do so in order to fulfil our contract or to comply with legal demands. We engage in a processing agreement with companies who process your data on our behalf, in order to ensure your data is treated with the same level of security and confidentiality. Go Cargo B.V. remains responsible for these processing operations.

Direct marketing
Regularly placing orders with our company means that we will retain the personal data you provide to send you personalised emails to inform you of our new and existing products and services and potentially offer these in promotions. Our interest in using your data for this end is legitimate, being an attempt to sell our products and services. Any commercial email we send also includes a possibility to inform us that you are no longer interested is such emails. To do so, follow the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails.One-time clients will only be sent commercial messages if they have given prior permission.

Personal data retention period
If you request a quote from our company but do not engage in a contract, we will retain your data for no longer than a year following our latest instance of contact. If you request a quote from our company, or we request a quote from your company, and engage in a contract, we will retain your data for no longer than seven years following the end of the accounting year in which the contract was completed. This period of seven years is stipulated as a demand for data retention by the Dutch tax authorities. Following this period, we will delete your data. Go Cargo B.V. does not retain your data for any longer than is strictly required to meet the objectives for which the data is gathered. We apply the following retention terms for personal data: 3 years.

Exceptional and/or sensitive personal data processed by Go Cargo B.V.
Our website and/or service does not have intentions to gather data on website visitors younger than 16 years old, unless they have permission from a legal guardian. However, we cannot verify the age of our visitors. Therefore, we recommend that legal guardians remain involved with their children’s online activities to ensure that none of their data is gathered without legal consent. If you are convinced that we have gathered data on a minor without permission, then please contact us at transport@go-cargo.nl, and we will remove this data.

Automated decision-making
Go Cargo B.V. does not make use of automated decision-making regarding issues that can have (considerable) personal consequences. Such decisions are those made by computer programs or systems without human intervention (for example from a Go Cargo B.V. employee).

Cookies or similar technology used by Go Cargo B.V.
Go Cargo B.V. uses function, analytical, and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your computer’s, tablet’s, or smartphone’s browser following your first visit to our website. Go Cargo B.V. uses cookies with a purely technical functionality to ensure that the website works as intended and that, for example, your preferred settings are retained. These cookies are also used to ensure the website functions and continues to function optimally. In addition, we also place cookies that document your browsing behaviour so that we can offer custom content and adverts. You were notified about these cookies and asked for your permission to use them at your first visit to our website. Where possible, Go Cargo B.V. endeavours to ensure no third-party cookies are implemented on your system. Additionally, all previously stored information can be removed via your browser settings.

This website also places third party cookies, such as advertisers and/or social media organisations, an overview of which is provided below:

Source: Google Analytics
Goal: analytical cookies for gathering website statistics and user behaviour. Fully anonymised as standard.
Retention period: max. 760 days*

Source: Google Optimize
Goals: supplementary analytical cookies for testing and optimising the website user experience.
Retention period: max. 540 days*

Source: Facebook
Goal: tracking cookies for offering personalised adverts and gathering conversion data.
Retention period: max. 180 days*

Source: Google AdWords
Goal: tracking cookies for offering personalised adverts and gathering conversion data.
Retention period: max. 540 days*

* Subject to change without prior notice by the third party.

Accessing, reviewing, or removing data
You are entitled to review, correct, or remove your data. In addition, you are entitled to invoke any consent to the processing of your data by Go Cargo B.V., and are entitled to data portability. This means that you can submit a request for a computer file documenting your personal data gathered by Go Cargo B.V. to be sent to yourself or another organisation of your choosing. Requests for the review, correction, removal, or portability of your data, or requests to revoke your permission to process your personal data, or requests to file your objections to the processing of your personal data can be sent to transport@go-cargo.nl. To verify your identity when receiving a request to access your data, we ask that you include a copy of your ID. The following information should be blacked out: your photo, the MRZ (machine readable zone, the string of numbers at the bottom), your passport number, and your social security or citizen service number. These measures are intended to protect your privacy. We respond to all requests within no longer than 4 weeks. Go Cargo B.V. also wishes to point out the possibility for filing complaints with the national privacy authority of the Netherlands, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, via the following link: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/contact-met-de-autoriteit-persoonsgegevens/tip-ons.

How we secure personal data
Go Cargo B.V. takes the protection of your data seriously, and takes suitable measures to prevent their misuse, loss, unauthorised access, accidental disclosure, or unauthorised tampering. If you are under the impression that your data has not been properly secured, or if there are indications for misuse, please contact our customer service department at transport@go-cargo.nl. Go Cargo B.V. has taken the following measures to secure your data:

– TLS (formerly SSL) We transfer your data using a secure internet connection. This is visible from the phrase ‘https’ and the padlock icon in the address bar.
– SPF is an internet standard we use to prevent users from receiving emails in our name containing viruses, spam, or phishing tools intended to obtain personal (login) data.

Lastly, you can contact us for a request to access your personal data or to have it transferred to another party. To exercise these rights, please contact use at: Go Cargo B.V. Noorderpoort 28, 5916 PJ Venlo, T +31 (0)77 206 16 00, transport@go-cargo.nl. Please feel free to contact us with other questions or more information on the gathering and processing of your personal data as well.

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